Adaptive Data Services Adaptive Data Services constitute a set of enterprise-grade components and blueprints powered by an Open Source core for implementing scalable intelligent applications and data-driven use cases. Componets can be flexibly selected according to the particular data and use case and combined in a very slim software delivering rapid time to value for your data initiatives.

Based on latest Open Source software technology we provide access to advanced analytics and data exploration on arbitrary data sources, customisable enterprise-grade data integration, collaboration and security. Incontext deployment model simplifies the delivery of machine learning and AI to business departments. Modern responsive data visualisation for progressive web apps (PWA), infographics and storytelling bring your data closer to your business and support effective decision making. As a generic foundation, incontext's Adaptive Data Services can be applied to various data driven use cases both in industry and research, as illustrated by the following products.

Use Cases

Data Storytelling

Describes a structured approach to communicate data intelligence by a combination of analysis, visuals and narrative. Build as a responsive progressive web application, it reflects the growing demand for a combination of systematic data analysis with a human-centric way of data representation. Data storytelling boards provide an extensible toolset for data analytics, data visualizations and embeded textual elements to bring overwhelming data and facts to a perfect understanding of a given information.

Digital Education

Carrot e-learning management system is a B2B cloud service for flexible management of e-learning activities and content. It provides state-of-the-art responsive design and personalization capabilities for users and companies. Implemented as a scalable processing platform, it offers advanced reporting and notification for users and content managers, SCORM and HTML5 standards. It supports latest GDPR requirements, is developed, hosted and operated in Germany.

Catastrophe Management

Web and online app by data and you to support better decisions related to wildfires in Portugal. It provides services for people living in areas with wildfires, tourists and communities based on free visualized, current and relevant information. The underlying web platform collects, consolidates and visualizes data from different sources, to support better prevention planning and decision making during wildfire emergencies.


myheatbit mobile app helps to keep your heart health under control. Its state-of-the-art responsive design and enhanced user interface is accessible by people with disabilities fostering enhanced patient engagement. The underlying data management platform for real-time processing securely gather patients' medical data and is compliant to applicable regulations with connectivity to medical devices. Built-in analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms improves patient assistance and deliver indications to medical staff.